I consider myself primarily a ceramacist.  I enjoy throwing on the wheel and dabbling with handbuilt and sculptural pieces.  The majority of my work is signed and named because each piece is as individual as humans themselves.

Navajo Steampunk

Dream Catchers
Just like dreams in the Native American lore about dream catchers, I love the notion of negative things being captured and evaporated by the morning sun.  Letting go of negativity and living life in a positive state of mind is essential for happiness and the dream catcher is a constant reminder of that for me.  During production, my dream catchers are a combination of choice and chance, another symbolic representation of life, resulting in a beautiful web, adorned with charming elements that represent the blessings we are all given.

Dream Catcher A2

Drawings and Paintings
I enjoy dabbling with 2-dimensional art on occasion!

Melissa Was Kung Fu Fighting

Printmaking, glass, jewelry, mixed media…  Whatever doesn’t fit in the above categories!

Bird on Flower Goblet