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Now that I have officially declared this blog open on all of my social media pages, I am ready to build up my faithful followers and subscribers. The main goal of this blog is to support and promote creativity and education. In an effort to do that, I will be conducting interviews and sharing post about some of the most creative geniuses I know (and I know a lot!), but I need subscribers to promote these geniuses to. Otherwise it would feel as though I were standing on top of the Grand Canyon, proclaiming someone’s greatness down into it, only to have it reverberate back up to me, falling on the ears of no one else.

I can’t have that…

So, I am proposing a giveaway—a free, customized mug. Winner’s choice of how it’s made and what it’s named; no shipping charge required. All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to by finding the subscription box located to the left or on the bottom of this page and enter your e-mail address. Once I reach 250 subscribers, I will select one at random as the winner of the giveaway.


(For my Instagram followers, this may sound familiar. I am doing a free custom made mug giveaway on both Instagram and That means there are two separate giveaways to enter!)

The faster I reach my goal, the faster I can declare a winner. So, subscribe and share—tell your friends, let your enemies in on the secret, and don’t forget to inform complete strangers! I have some great stuff coming your way and you don’t want to miss it.

To give you a sneak peak and to build suspense, I will be interviewing an artist and gallery owner later this week about his work, his journey, his muse, his gallery, and his advice for other artists as well as for people as a whole.

I’ve had a chance to tell you about me in A Little Bit About Myself, so take the opportunity to share a little about yourself in the comment section. I’d like to get to know you too…

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